NEW CCD CURRICULUM :                                  NEW CCD REGISTRATION CARD

AMS CURRICULUM - This is the full curriculum manual - 312 pages pdf format

CATECHIST MANUAL - This is the Catechist manual only - 35 pages pdf format

CATECHIST SELF INVENTORY - This is the inventory each Catechist should keep as checklist - 4 pages pdf format

APPENDIX 1- General Schedule - Practices and Prayers - pdf format

APPENDIX 2 - Practices and Prayers - pdf format

APPENDIX 3 - Alphabetical Glossary - pdf format

FORMING DISCIPLES - Session 2 - Dr. Harry Dudley - Powerpoint - This is from the Archdiocese for Military Services as a resource and explanation of the new curriculum. Is divided in three parts the first part is on the Archdiocese website in the form of a video.

FORMING DISCIPLES - Session 3 - Mr. Jose Amaya - Powerpoint - This is the Third part of the three part resource sessions to explain better the new curriculum.

​​Parent Consent, Photo Release Form

Dear Parents: Please find here in pdf format the Parent Consent Form for the release of pictures Children participating at Fort Detrick Holy Family Catholic Community's CCD Program. The pictures will be posted here in the website showing children participating in different CCD activities. You have the choice of give consent or deny it. Please print a Form and give it back to the CCD Coordinator. The Consent Form is good for a Full year. If you are concerned or don't want certain pictures to be posted here on the website, even though you gave consent, you can contact the CCD Coordinator, any Elected Council Officer or the webmaster for an immediate removal of the picture you want to remove.


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